Track & Field

Building physical endurance & mental toughness in a positive and fun environment

PRACTICES (see Teamsnap for schedule)

DAY/LOCATION: Practices will be decided on a weekly basis (due to track availability), will run from 6-7:15 and will either be at the Morris Knolls High School track or the Morris Catholic High School track .


9-10 AGE GROUP: Parent or designated adult, must remain at practice for safety purposes.


CHECK IN: All athletes must check in at every practice


ATTENDANCE: All athletes must attend one weekly practice to be eligible for meet participation. Please emphasize commitment.


LATE PICK UP: If parents are late, coaches do NOT need to stay past 15 minutes beyond practice end time. Beyond 15 minutes, athletes will be transported to the Denville police station.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Program director’s call. A message will be sent via Teamsnap.


GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP  Good sportsmanship is nothing more than good manners and extending common courtesy to all athletes, coaches, officials, parents, and fans regardless of which team they represent


ATHLETES….are expected to

•Emphasize personal bests as a goal.  

Communicate positively with the coaches

•Expect and demand good sportsmanship from your child at all times.

Stay off the field unless you are a coach or a volunteer for that meet

Step in if you see your child is not cooperating or needs help

•Be ready to listen, work hard, and learn.

•Show respect for everyone.  Do NOT question the coach or complain.

Fully participate This is track so expect to run and more than you run for each meet in order to grow.

Freeze, look and listen to the coach without talking whenever the whistle is blown.

Clean up their mess.

•Keep their hands off others




 If in

juries occur or if there is verbal or physical conflict which poses a threat to an athlete or coach, an incident report will be completed.  First aid will be administered if needed.


BEHAVIOR  If a coach determines any behavior to pose a danger to themselves, another athlete, or a coach or is determined to be detrimental to the instructional atmosphere, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike, the following consequences will take effect  



  • 1st instance: verbal warning
  • 2nd instance: removal from practice for up to one full practice
  • 3rd instance: suspension from the team’s next meet.
  • 4th instance: dismissal from team