Track & Field

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If you are unable to attend a meet, please email your age group head coach as soon as possible.




Sun. 4/8

HOME vs. Chester 1:00 at KNOLLS

Sun. 4/15

HOME vs. Roxbury 1:00 at KNOLLS

Sun. 4/22

away at Montville 1:00

Sun. 4/29

HOME vs. Chatham 9am at HILLS

Sun. 5/6

away at Madison 1:00

Sat. 5/12

away at Rockaway Twp HILLS 3:00

Sun. 5/20

Make up meet (if needed)



SPECIAL MEETS *see rules for each event below





Fri. 5/18

Relay Championship

Long Valley  6pm

Coaches choose top boys and girls in each age group for 3 relay events:  4x100; sprint medley 100x100x200x400; distance medley 800x200x400x1600.

Tues. 5/29

Pen/Tri meet  


Pentathlon: Coaches choose 1 boy and 1 girl from 13/15 age group compete in 5 events:shot put, long jump, 100m, 200m, mile

Triathlon: Coaches choose 1 boy and 1 girl from 11/12 age group compete in 3 events:100m, shot put, 800m  

Thurs. 5/31

Championship Field Events  


Coaches choose the top scoring girls and boys from each age group





Sun. 6/3

Open Meet  



Championship Running Events





Anyone not in the Championship meet may compete in the open meet.



Coaches choose the top scoring athletes  


ELIGIBILITY: Athletes must attend 1 weekly practice to be eligible for meet participation and must attend 2 meets to participate in a championship event. 


PARTICIPATION: Coaches will determine which events each athlete participates in. Athletes can participate in 2 running events, 1 field event, and 1 relay (if on the relay team).


 SEEDING: Seeded athletes will be chosen prior to meets and based on performance during practices.  Seeded athletes earn points for the team in the following way for each gender and age group: 



 SCORES:  Points are added for a final team score and compared with the opposing team’s total points to determine the winning team for that meet. After the meet, scores, times and distances will be entered into the database. Once this process is completed, you will receive an email with meet results.  

100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, mile and field events:

1st place = 5 points; 2nd place = 3 points; 3rd place = 1 point.   

4x100 Relay:  1st place=5 points (no points for all other places)  


 PREPARATION: Please be sure athletes have eaten at least one hour before practice. All athletes should bring water, wear layered clothing, tie back long hair, and wear running sneakers.  For those athletes who prefer wearing spikes, they are allowed at home and away meets.  Lawn chairs are allowed on the green for waiting time.


 TIME: Meets begin sharply at 1:00 PM, unless otherwise specified.  Arrive at each meet by 12:15 for check-in, to receive your running assignments and to do warm-up laps.


 CHECK-IN: Each athlete will be given a sticker label with their assigned race/field event.  Athletes will then warm up and then remain in the Striders team designated area.

FIELD EVENTS:  It’s the athlete’s responsibility to complete their field event when they have wait time between races but athletes should tell their coach before going to the event.  Try to get these done early.



FIRST Set of Events

800 Meter (2x around)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls

SECOND Set of Events

Relays (4 athletes pass batons at 100 m stations for a total of 400 m)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls

THIRD Set of Events

100 Meter (¼ around)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls

FOURTH Set of Events

Mile (4 x around)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls

FIFTH Set of Events

400 Meter (1x around)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls

SIXTH Set of Events

200 Meter (½ around)

 9-10 boys

 9-10 girls

11-12 boys

11-12 girls

13-15 boys

13-15 girls



Basic rules:  Weather-cancellations should be made 2 hours before the start of a meet.

Lighting-suspend the meet for a minimum of 30 min.

Spikes and foot blocks permitted for all age groups.

Starting blocks permitted for 13-15 age group.

California start-use in 800m & mile whenever excessive number of athletes entered.

Combine boys and girls mile.

Event limitations: Each athlete is allowed to compete in 4 events; maximum 2 individual running events plus a relay.  3 maximum individual events. Combinations: 100/200/4x100/long jump;  100/shot put/long jump/4x100

Exceeding event participation: 25 point reduction in team score; last event scores forfeited. All athletes advance to the next higher place

Scoring: 1st place=5 points;  2nd place=3 points;  3rd place=1 point

Relay event: 1st place=5 (no points for all other places)

Meet referee-must be designated before the meet.

False starts: Competitors will be disqualified after 2 false starts.

Scoring heat: Coaches will decide at the start of the meet which heat will be the “scoring heat”.

Relay: Relay-scoring teams should be separated by one lange.

Acceleration zone (4x100): relay judges should show the runners the passing and acceleration zones.  Disqualified for entering other lanes.

During 800m run, the relay teams should be set up at the relay zones. Write lane # on athletes hand.

Field Events:Visiting teams provide field event forms. Field events: 6 boys and 6 girls from each age group may be seeded (scoring for the team). Shot put and long jump should be completed before the 200m begins.  Allowed 3 practice throws and 3 practice jumps. A foul may be counted as a practice.

Foul for shot put: competitor must enter and leave the circle from the rear half.  The shot must be pushed, not thrown. Never use kids to mark the shot put.

Foul jump: stepping over the scratch line or running past the scratch line extended or touching outside the pit beyond their mark. Leaving the pit by walking behind the mark, the jump will be measured from the point nearest the line. Never use kids to mark the jump or shot put.


RELAY CHAMPIONSHIP Lakeland League provides shot puts and batons

4 Events:  

  1. 4x100- run in multiple heats

  2. sprint medley 100x100x200x400- run in multiple heats

  3. distance medley 800x200x400x1600-run as one race

  4. shot put relay- use a team card provided by Lakeland League (2 girls/2boys in 11/12 and 13/15 age groups); 6pm 13-15 boys & girls; 7pm 11-12 boys & girls (all sign ups must take place by 7:30; pits close at 9pm)

Participation: One team per age group per race;  Each athlete may enter 3 of 4 events.

Medals give to the top 8 teams in each race.  Ribbons for all other places.

All scratches and athlete substitutions *due to illness or other absence) should be reported to the Clerks by coaches upon arrival to the meet.

Seeding: Seeding will take place 1-2 days prior to meet. Coaches will be contacted to correct any discrepancies.

Seeding information (order of participation) will be provided to coaches upon arrival on the day of the meet.

Entries submitted using Hy-Tek Team Manager and must be submitted 2 days prior to the Relay Meet. Sprint medley seeding card must list the times of each runner.

CHAMPIONSHIP RULES: Lakeland League provides shot puts and batons

Eligibility: Athletes must participate in at least 2 regular season meets (waived only due to meet cancellation or injury-decision will be made at the seeding meeting)

Uniform: All competitors must wear the same team uniform.

Participation: 2 girls and 2 boys from each age group may compete in each event.

Entries: Entries must be submitted using MileSplit (online). No substitutions can be made with the exception of illness or injury, in which case the substitution must be made by 5:00pm Friday.  Report any scratches when the event is called.

Scoring: Points are scored for 5 places in the following order: 8-6-4-2-1. Each event will be separated by the computer into 3 divisions and scored separately.

Awards:  Team trophies give to the first place teams in each division.Medals are given to individual athletes placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. If a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded.  Ribbons awarded to all other finishers.

OPEN MEET RULES: All athletes who are not participating in the championship meet may participate in the Open Meet.  Athletes may participate in as many events as they wish.  Athletes must have experience with shot put in order to participate in the shot put event.